Caring for Your Blue Sapphire: Tips for Preservation and Maintenance

For generations, rocks have caught the human imagination, both because of their beauty and their symbolism. Among these gifts of the World, orange sapphire stands apart as one of the very interesting and recognized gemstones. Since the birthstone for September, orange sapphire has an abundant history and a unique place in the world of gemology. In this information, we shall investigate the attraction and significance of orange sapphires.

A Short Release to Orange Sapphires

Blue sapphire, scientifically referred to as corundum, is a variety of this vitamin famous because of its impressive blue hue. The depth of shade in orange sapphires may range between a mild, very nearly translucent blue to a strong, velvety orange that appears to capture the depths of the ocean. Sapphires, including blue sapphires, are second in hardness and then diamonds, making them incredibly sturdy and suited to a wide selection of jewelry.

The Birthstone of September

Blue sapphire keeps the honor to be the birthstone for September, and these born in that month are fortunate to have this kind of superb jewel to symbolize their birthdays. The rock is believed to bring wisdom, security, and good bundle to its wearer. It’s usually regarded a image of truth, sincerity, and nobility, sending the heavy blue of the skies and seas.

Record and Lore

Through the duration of record, orange sapphires have already been cherished by different cultures. Here certainly are a several notable cases:

Old Persia: Sapphires were extremely prized by Persian rulers, who believed that the World rested on a huge orange sapphire, providing the sky their blue color.

Old Europe: The Catholic Church regarded orange sapphires to symbolize the heavens, and clergy people usually used them as a image of divine favor.

Historical Greece and Rome: Sapphires were associated with Apollo, the god of reality and prophecy, and were frequently utilized to find his favor.

Famous Orange Sapphires

Blue sapphires have a storied past, and a couple of exceptional treasures have grown to be popular global:

The Celebrity of India: That substantial, 563-carat orange sapphire is one of many largest celebrity sapphires in the world and is displayed at the American Museum of Natural Record in New York.

The Logan Sapphire: Evaluating 422.99 carats, this deep blue sapphire is one of many greatest faceted sapphires on earth and is part of the Smithsonian’s National Jewel Collection.

The Blue Belle of Asia: A 392.52-carat sapphire, this outstanding jewel shattered documents at auction when it had been sold for over $17 million.

Picking Blue Sapphires

When selecting a blue sapphire, a few facets come right into play, including shade, understanding, reduce, and carat weight. The absolute most sought-after blue sapphires display a vibrant, medium to dark blue shade with high quality and exemplary cut.

Looking after Blue Sapphires

To ensure the durability and elegance of orange sapphires, proper care is gems . Typical washing with a soft comb and gentle soapy water is recommended. It’s also advisable to keep sapphire jewelry in a separate area to stop scratching.


Blue sapphires have an enduring attraction that’s intrigued people for centuries. Whether you’re wearing them as a image of your birth month or just as a testament with their elegance and history, orange sapphires continue steadily to captivate and inspire. As one of the very beloved jewels, they are a testament to the Earth’s extraordinary capacity to create treasures of unmatched splendor and significance.